Emerald City MCC FAQs

Q: Is everyone really welcome?

A: Absolutely! All are welcome to attend, participate, receive Holy Communion, and become members. We are a primarily LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community, but cisgender heterosexuals are fully welcome as well. If you do not identify as Christian, you are fully welcome without pressure to believe anything in particular. Whoever you are outside the church, we want to celebrate that person inside!



Q: What is your dress code?

A: Most people dress casually. You are welcome to dress up, but it is not an expectation. Transgender and gender queer folks are welcome and encouraged to dress according to their gender identity and expression. Our church is a safe space to explore your gender expression.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We worship in the chapel at University Temple United Methodist Church in Seattle’s University District. When you come through the doors on NE 43rd St., the chapel is on the left.


Q: Do you have parking?

A: Free parking is available across NE 43rd St. in the University Bookstore lot. There is also free street parking around the church on Sundays.


Q: Is the church handicap accessible?

A: Yes! There are several handicap parking spaces around the church. There is a ramp that leads up to the front door.  There is a handicap accessible bathroom down the hall from the chapel. We are happy to accommodate wheelchairs in the chapel. For those who are hearing impaired, we have hearing devices that connect to the sound system. We currently do not have an ASL interpreter, but we would happily welcome one.


Q: Are you a Christ-centered church?

A: We are a Progressive Christian church, centered in the loving teachings of Jesus Christ. We do not identify as evangelical, but those who do identify as such are welcome.


Q: Are you a Bible-based church?

A: We teach that the Bible is a human document, written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit within the cultural context of the Ancient Near East. We do not read the Bible literally, but rather seek wisdom from it in order to build relationship with God. We never use the Bible to oppress anyone, as we know has been done too often. We also do not treat the Bible as the fourth member of the Trinity.


Q: Are you a Spirit-filled church?

A: We are not a Pentecostal/Holiness church. However, we certainly affirm the moving of the Holy Spirit in our worship and in our lives.


Q: Do you perform weddings?

A: Yes! Our Senior Pastor, Rev. Brian Hutchison is available to perform same-gender or heterosexual weddings. He can travel to you or you can rent space at the church.


Q: Do you perform baptisms?

A: Yes! All who seek relationship with God through Jesus Christ are welcome to be baptized in the name of the Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit. We will also baptize infants and children, though we also offer a Dedication to Christian Life if parents would like children to choose baptism when they are older. We typically baptize by sprinkling/pouring water on the head, though immersion could be arranged. Holy Baptism is a Sacrament in MCC, which is an outer sign of an inner transformation. The baptized affirms new life in Christ, leaving behind ego-centered living.


Q: Do you provide counseling?

A: We do not provide certified psychotherapy or counseling, but our Pastor is happy to provide spiritual guidance for individuals and relationships. He is also available to visit you in the hospital or at home.


Q: Are you a family church?

A: We affirm many configurations of family from traditional to polyamorous. Some of our members have children who participate regularly in worship. We do not provide childcare, but your children are welcome to attend Sunday school with our host church, University Temple UMC.